The Network has two main bodies: the General Assembly and the Board.

The General Assembly is composed of all the members and decides on all matters concerning the Network.

The Board is composed of four to seven members. Its members are elected by the General Assembly from among the members of the Network for a renewable one-year period. The Board is headed by the Chairperson. The Board is responsible for the daily management of the Network, the initiation of research projects and making of recommendations on cooperation and the maintenance of the Network’s website and mailing list.


Current Board members are:

alex Alexandra Horváthová (chairperson)  is an assistant professor in corporate law with the CEVIA – Centre for Enterprise Liability at Faculy of Law, University of Copenhagen. She holds a Master’s degree in law from Comenius University (2010), an LL.M in International Business Law from the Central European University (2011) and an S.J.D. in International Business Law from the Central European University (2015). She has been a visiting researcher at the Cornell Law School (2014) and the Oxford Law School (2013). Before joining CEVIA, she was a research fellow at the Center for Integrity in Business and Government at the CEU Business School (2012-2015) and she worked for CMS Cameron McKenna in Budapest with their litigation and arbitration team, after which she joined the anti-corruption consultation firm, CNS Risk. Alexandra is also qualified for the bar in Slovakia (2016).
vibe Vibe Garf Ulfbeck is a professor of private law at the University of Copenhagen where she is also the director of the Centre for Enterprise Liability. She has been a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley and at the University of San Diego. Ulfbeck has also taught at the University of Copenhagen in Oslo and in Reykjavik. Before joining the law faculty in Copenhagen, she was employed with the Danish Justice Department. Professor Ulfbeck teaches and writes in the areas of contracts, torts and the law of transportation.
karin Karin Buhmann is a professor DR.SCIENT.ADM & PHD at the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management at the Copenhagen Business School. Karin is also a Board Member of Danish Institute of Human Rights and Member Danish National Contact Point (NCP) under OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (MKI). Karin’s primary research areas include: Business & Human Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), governance and public-private regulation, Sustainable natural resource sourcing, governance and certification, Transnational law and sustainability governance and Transnational Business Governance.
marta Marta Andrecka is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Enterprise Liability, Faculty of Law, Copenhagen University. She specialises in sustainable procurement practices, research and academia across the profession. She holds a Master’s degree in law from Silesian University (2010) and a PhD in public procurement from Aarhus University, Denmark (2015). Marta has provided independent insight to key research projects in area of sustainable procurement, for example for the European Commission or Danish Institute for Human Rights and multiple Universities. Marta is one of the contributor to B. Sjåfjell & A. Wiesbrock (eds), Sustainable Public Procurement Under EU Law – New Perspectives on the State as Stakeholder (2016 Cambridge University Press).
katerina Katerina Peterkova is an Assistant Professor in environmental law at Aarhus University, Denmark from where she gained a PhD degree (2014). Her dissertation titled ‘Sustainability Clauses in International Business Contracts’ focused on the interplay between sustainability goals and international contract law (published with Eleven International Publishing, 2015). She holds a Master in Law degree from Charles University (2009). Katerina’s research focuses on the practice of using private law tools to advance public interests, especially in the CSR and climate regulation area. She is also interested in the ways law and legal tools are designed and used to steer behaviour in environmentally sound and responsible directions. She was a visiting scholar at Duke University (2016) and Vanderbilt University (2012). Before joining academia, Katerina worked as legal trainee for Baker&McKenzie Prague office and as a junior lawyer in Hajek&Zrzavecky, Czech Republic.

Shall you be interested in convening, voting and competences of the General Assembly in more detail, let us know and we will gladly share with you the Network’s Articles of Association.