The CSR Legal Research Network  is a global network of academics (professors, researchers etc.) interested in combined fields of Corporate Social Responsibility and law.

The Network welcomes members working in any relevant discipline eg. law, economics, business management, public policy and political science.

The main goal of the Network is to connect academics, whose research is related to the combined field of CSR and law or those who are contemplating such research. To our knowledge, our Network is the first research-oriented organization, which is focusing solely on the combined field of CSR and law, and on connecting researchers within this combined field internationally.

The Network is facilitating communication and knowledge sharing between its members by providing its members with a platform where the members can share their research as well as information concerning events. Members are invited to interact with each other about issues related to the field of CSR and law. This newly established website allows the members to inform each other about new research, their respective research interests, news related to CSR and law, upcoming relevant events, and relevant articles. The Network is also organizing research events for furthering knowledge about the combined field of CSR and law in the future.